Anderson Health has over 25 years of experience in providing health insurance policies for individuals, expats, corporate environments, SME’s and the oil and gas industry.

Health Insurance Policies and Services 

Health Insurance Policies Consultation

  • General advice as to the effect of actual or anticipated changes in law or employee benefit practice
  • Liaison with employer in respect of all aspects of benefit provision
  • General advice in respect of compliance with legislation
  • Provision of bulletins and technical advice
  • Insurer performance evaluation
  • Agreeing Insurer service standards and monitoring same
  • Regular client meetings but specifically at 6, 9 and 10-month results

Member Administration

  • Liaise with provider
  • Assistance with general member queries
  • Providing contact details for employees, which are included with annual health insurance policy renewal information

Employees and their families have access to a named individual who will:

  • Manage queries and complaints direct from the member
  • Manage member expectations and reassure them of the acceptable claim levels of each element of treatment
  • Providing guidance on the limitations in cover
  • Independently advise when conditions are no longer considered acute but chronic

And keep records of conversations

  • Assistance to resolve disputed claims
  • Monitor trends regarding claims issues
  • Provide draft members communications
  • Monitor scheme records


Health Insurance Policies Renewal

  • Annual market review
  • Obtain data from holding insurer
  • Assess data, evaluate trends
  • Consider large completed and ongoing claims
  • Consider previous year experiences
  • Terms negotiation
  • Obtain competitive quotes for health insurance policies
  • Pre-renewal report outlining basis and requirements
  • Make recommendations with premiums adjustments such as limits on psychiatric, physiotherapy, cancer claims, excesses and imposition of dependent moratoriums etc
  • Annual market re-broke exercise
  • Formal report outlining recommendation
  • Scheme account audit
  • Health insurance policies renewal implementation

"The service was faultless - prompt communication, balanced advice and excellent access to the market. I would not hesitate to use this company again."

Kate Lewis
Chartered Accountant

“We have been doing business with Anderson Health for over 6 years now and I cherish the relationship because they provide us with such an excellent service.”

Dr Emmanuel Okoroafor
Hobark International

“For many years I have experienced a responsive, knowledgeable and professional service from Tim Cowan and Charles Pemberton, The Anderson Health team.”

Dave Clarke
Global Procurement & Estates

"Anderson Health simplifies the whole process of obtaining private health cover in an increasingly complicated market place. Tim and the team always respond quickly and efficiently to our needs."

Simon C Potts
CEO, T G Baynes

“We very much appreciate all the work you have put in. You were really superb in the way you responded to my initial cry for help.”

Worshipful Company of Barbers

“We have used the services of Anderson Health for many years, having dealt with Charles Pemberton in particular and we can highly recommend them. In the eight years I have been dealing with them they have provided an excellent service.”

Lois Lane
EON Energy

“Anderson Health has very well-established relationships with the major health care providers… I strongly recommend the company to anyone reviewing their health insurance needs and requirements.”

Simon Meredith Hardy

"We have been using Anderson Health for over 20 years and I cannot recommend them highly enough.
It is always very easy to communicate with them and any problems are dealt with immediately.
I do not think we could find anyone else who could provide these outstanding levels of service."

The Government of the State of Qatar
Medical Office

"The difficult transfer of my corporate health policy to my own was extremely well managed by Anderson Health."

David Kershaw
ex CEO M&C Saatchi

“Anderson Health simplifies the whole process of obtaining private health cover in an increasingly complicated market place. Tim and the team always respond quickly and efficiently to our needs.”

Simon C Potts
T G Baynes

"In a state approaching despair at the relentless rise of my annual premium I was advised to contact Tim at Anderson Health. I’m very glad I did. He negotiated a substantial reduction in my premium with the minimum of benefit diminution."

Sir John Nutting

"Your service was incredibly professional, knowledgeable and highly responsive. You were an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Dr Kerry Sulkowicz