Health Insurance Questions


Anderson Health provide an in-depth knowledge of the health insurance market with policies designed to suit your specific requirements.

Do you have health insurance questions? Our health insurance brokers have over 25-years of experience in private medical insurance. We have prepared some helpful answers to popular FAQs below.

Health insurance questions for companies

What does it cost to use Anderson Health?

Nothing, our services are free to our clients. Should this prove not to be the case for any reason we will quantify the cost of our involvement in advance.

How can Anderson Health get better rates than we can negotiate ourselves?

Due to our experience, the volume of business we place and our relationships with insurers we can often negotiate significant savings for our clients.

Will we still be able to deal directly with our provider?

Yes, you can continue to deal directly with your provider on all day-to-day matters such as claims.

What is the point of using Anderson Health?

To ensure that you are obtaining the most competitive package available at every renewal.
To keep you up to date with market trends.
To help members with disputed or un-paid claims.

Health insurance questions for individual clients

What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical Insurance is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for what are commonly known as acute medical conditions.

How do I choose the right level of cover?

We will take you through a demands and needs questionnaire which will establish the most suitable level of cover for your specific needs. Insurers provide menu-driven products offering options such as Out-patient treatment, psychiatric cover, different excess levels, hospital choice and pregnancy cover.

What is generally not covered?

– Any pre-existing or on-going medical condition
– Face to face GP consultations
– Cover for any long term medical conditions usually referred to as chronic conditions
– Accident and emergency admissions
– Drug abuse
– Self-inflicted injuries
– Infertility
– Cosmetic surgery
– Gender reassignment

Will my Premiums go up?

Yes, unfortunately most premiums will rise at least in line with medical inflation which currently runs at between 10-12% per annum. Some Insurers now offer No claims Discounts. However the older you get the more likely you are to claim meaning that premiums will usually increase with age to reflect this.

Will I need to provide details of my health?

You will either need to complete a full medical underwriting (FMU) or moratorium (MORI) form. Any condition you mention in the FMU form is likely to be permanently excluded from cover. A MORI form does not ask any medical history questions but you will not be covered for any medical condition in the last five years. However, any such condition may be covered after two years subject to certain criteria.

Can I change my Insurer?

This is difficult but not impossible for individuals with on-going medical conditions.

How do I make a claim?

Before you receive any treatment it is essential to call your insurer to check that you are covered for the treatment you will receive. If you have any problems during this process you can speak with an Anderson Health representative.

Can I cancel my policy?

You have the right to cancel within 14 days of the start date of the policy. Any premium collected by the insurer will be refunded in full provided that no claim has been made in the interim.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint then in the first instance please write to us at our Head Office address. We will acknowledge any complaint within 5 working days. We will respond to any complaint within 14 working days. If you were dissatisfied with our response for any reason you have the right to appeal to the Financial Service Ombudsman (FSO) at South Quay Plazza, 183 March Wall, London E14 9SH within 6 months.

Need health insurance help?

Health Insurance Questions
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