Service Proposition

Anderson Health is a firm of professional health care advisers. Our service proposition is listed below.

Anderson Health is a firm of professional healthcare advisers. We have many years’ experience in providing policies for individuals, expats, corporate environments, SME’s and the oil and gas industry.

Our service proposition is listed below.


  • General advice as to the effect of actual or anticipated changes in law or employee benefit practice
  • Liaison with employer in respect of all aspects of benefit provision
  • General advice in respect of compliance with legislation
  • Provision of bulletins and technical advice
  • Insurer performance evaluation
  • Agreeing Insurer service standards and monitoring same
  • Attend regular meeting with client, but specifically at the time of the 6, 9 and 10 month results.


  • Liaise with provider
  • Assistance with general member queries
  • Provided contact details for employees, which are included with annual renewal information. Employees and their families have access to a named individual who will:
  • Manage queries and complaints direct from the member,
  • Manage member expectations and reassure them of the acceptable claim levels of each element of treatment,
  • Providing guidance on the limitations in cover,
  • Independently confirm when conditions are no longer considered acute but chronic,

and keep records of conversations etc

  • Assistance to resolve disputed claims
  • Monitor trends regarding claims issues
  • Provide draft members communications
  • Monitor scheme records


  • Annual market review
  • Obtain data from holding insurer
  • Assess data, evaluate trends
  • Consider large completed and ongoing claims
  • Consider previous year experiences
  • Terms negotiation
  • Obtain competitive quotes
  • Pre-renewal report outlining basis and requirements
  • Make recommendations with premiums adjustments such as limits on psychiatric, physiotherapy, cancer claims, excesses and imposition of dependent moratoriums etc
  • Annual market re-broke exercise
  • Formal Report outlining Recommendation
  • Scheme account audit
  • Renewal Implementation

For more information on Anderson Health’s service proposition or to find your ideal insurance policy, you can contact us on +44 (0)207 868 1733, via our online contact form or you can send us an email on