We have been working for some of our clients for over 15 years and have developed strong relationships. The testimonials below have come directly from clients  and we hope that they provide assurance about the quality of our service and the products we recommend.


We have used the services of Anderson Health for many years, having dealt with Charles Pemberton in particular and we can highly recommend them.

As well as being highly knowledgeable regarding healthcare, all queries and issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently, and in the 8 years I have been dealing with them they have provided an excellent service.

Lois Lane, Eon Energy

In a state approaching despair at the relentless rise of my annual premium I was advised to contact Tim at Anderson health. I’m very glad I did. He negotiated a substantial reduction in my premium with the minimum of Benefit diminution.

SIR John Nutting, QC

We very much appreciate all the work you have put in. You were really superb in the way you responded to my initial cry for help

Worshipful Company of Barbers

For many years I have experienced a responsive, knowledgeable & professional service from Tim Cowan and Charles Pemberton, The Anderson Health team. Truely independent, the have saved Lloyds Register significant costs against the direct purchase of both domestic and expatriate PMI.

Anderson Health provided a full service which included, conducting a full market review, open terms negotiation to obtain best available terms, management and administration, dispute resolution etc. They have also assisted with retiring staff obtaining appropriate cover for their new circumstances.

Dave Clarke, Global Procurement & Estates, Lloyds Register Group Services Ltd

For over 10 years I have worked closely with Tim Cowan and others in the Anderson Health team. In all my dealings with them I have received a responsive, expert and professional service and through the efforts of Tim in particular we have saved significant costs against the direct purcahse of private medial insurance. I recommend Anderson Health for companies reviewing their service provider.

Alistair Gray, HR Director, Blake Morgan Group LLP

Anderson Health simplifies the whole process of obtaining private health cover in an increasingly complicated market place. Tim and the team always respond quickly and efficiently to our needs.

Simon C Potts, CEO, T G Baynes Solicitors

I would like to applaud Tim Cowan on his diligent work and above all his patience In creating a comfortable environment to which all questions were answered satisfactorily and at no time felt pressured to move ahead…Which In turn created this thrust of where I would not consider looking elsewhere.

James Charles, Kinari Design

A consistently high level of service, with an instant response to calls, queries or questions, Anderson Health has always bettered market rates and delivered significant savings to Fjordnet

Nik Holgate, Group Finance Director, Fjordnet

Anderson Health is an unusual company in that it does not try to sell you a product with no regard for your personal situation or medical history……which is normally the case elsewhere.

On calling I was put straight through to Tim Cowan, a partner and joint founder. He gave me a straightforward analysis of the options open to us given our ages and medical history, while making it clear that we would need to stay with our existing insurer BUPA.  At renewal date he came up with a proposal which still provided full hospital cover at a substantially lower premium.

It is clear to me that Anderson Health has very well established relationships with the major health care providers. As a retired banking and investment professional I strongly recommend the company to anyone reviewing their health insurance needs and requirements.

Simon Meredith Hardy, Banker