China based Fuda Cancer Hospital which claimed to be curing cancer through its innovative cutting edge technique called the CC treatment P model (3C P) is planning to establish a branch in Qatar thus bringing the treatment closer to its middle eastern clientele.

The hospital which has formulated the unique cancer treatment has, up to June 2011, received around 200 cancer patients from the Middle East. The centre’s general president Professor Kecheng Xu, who was in Doha on a short visit, explained that based on the condition of individual cancer patient, the centre is applying one or more of the three C’s to treat patients. He said “we have achieved success beyond expectation through the use of breakthrough technology of a combination of treatments like the 3C P model on none-resectable cancer patients who could not undergo surgical operation due to the advanced stage of their cancer and those who could not be treated by conventional methods or the reoccurrence of cancer”.

He explained that the combination of several therapies in the treatment of cancer patients has become a special feature of Fuda hospital while claiming that more than 70% of patients admitted into the centre either has none-resectable tumours or they have been treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy to no effect or they suffer from cancer relapse. He went on to say “most of the patients we have treated in the past come in when their cancer was in an advanced stage, like in stage four or five and a majority of them have been told by other medical facilities that they could not survive. But after they have been treated in our hospital more than 70% of them experience significant improvement and their survival time has been prolonged, not by months but rather by years”.

According to Fuda International Affairs director Esther Law many patients including those suffering from liver and lung cancer have lived more than five years with the longest survival time of nine years. She added that some patients having pancreatic cancer, which is described as the king of cancer, even live for an additional 55 months. Explaining each of the treatment methods Law said “in CSA we are using imaging guided techniques such as ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging by inserting cryo-probes repeatedly into the tumours to lower the temperature of the targeted area (up to 160 degrees Celsius or below) leading to the complete ablation of the whole tumour”.

Centre consultant and Doha resident Dr S Tilib said “we are looking out for opportunities to collaborate with the local health authorities here on our planned facility in Doha, which I believe will help alleviate the sufferings of many cancer patients and also save them the stress of making long distance travel to China”. He explained that talks were ongoing for the possible co-operation with Qatari health authorities and senior officials at Hamad Medical Corporation’s Al Amal Hospital, the only cancer hospital in Doha.