What is
Health Insurance?

What is
Health Insurance?

Rising NHS waiting lists lead many people to consider a health insurance policy. Perhaps you have heard about health insurance and want to explore this in more detail. Fully informing yourself before taking out any insurance is always essential. By learning what is health insurance, you can understand all considerations with this type of policy and determine if it is right for you. Our health insurance frequently asked questions will allow our website visitors to benefit from Anderson Health’s knowledge through sharing our 25 years of experience in the health insurance market.


What is health insurance?

Health insurance and private medical insurance are terms used interchangeably to describe the same thing: a policy in place to cover you for the costs of treatment received from private healthcare. This insurance works by paying a monthly premium to protect yourself from the expenses associated with treatment for severe medical conditions occurring after a health insurance policy is in place. These policies often provide faster medical care than is available from public healthcare providers such as the NHS. If you are unfortunate enough to become seriously ill, by taking out a health insurance policy beforehand, your treatment would generally be faster with specialised consultants and in a more comfortable environment than is usually available from public healthcare providers.


What is covered by health insurance?

You may be wondering what is covered and not covered by a health insurance policy. Knowing this before taking out any insurance policy is important, as accurate information will help you make the right decision for your cover to keep the policy in place long term.

Typically a health insurance policy covers hospital costs and fees for using medical specialists and consultants, such as nursing and surgery expenses. Consultations and treatment received as an outpatient are covered alongside illness diagnosis and subsequent treatment for this condition. Your cover will generally also apply to cancer treatments and aftercare with access to specialist medicines. Some cover options also allow for care associated with mental health conditions and physiotherapy if you require this for an injury.

Some conditions are generally not covered by health and private medical insurance policies, which is vital to know about before you begin to look into taking out a policy. It would be best if you were honest and open about any pre-existing conditions you have. These could be illnesses, diseases or injuries which you have been diagnosed with or have suffered from before. These often will not be covered by your health insurance policy. While taking out a policy, you need to be upfront when disclosing these details. This would, of course, include any chronic or long-lasting conditions you have. You will also be asked about any time you have previously spent in hospital or needed to attend A&E. Areas that your policy may not cover are pregnancy, organ transplants, or issues resulting from drug abuse or cosmetic procedures.


How expensive is health insurance?

Health insurance can be one of the most costly types of insurance because it is one of the most comprehensive. However, there are ways to ensure that you take out a policy that meets your budget, and this can be done by controlling the cover and features of any policy, which can decrease monthly premiums. This is where it is best to use a health insurance broker to arrange your policy. Health insurance brokers can give free impartial advice to get you the right kind of insurance you need regarding the level of cover that meets your budget.

Using Anderson Health as your health insurance broker comes at no cost to you as the insurer pays the broker for the service, not impacting your monthly premium. A broker will advise you and arrange your cover. Following the policy becoming live, you would deal directly with the insurer for any claims. One of the benefits of using an insurance broker is that their experience of the market, product knowledge, and volume business with a strong relationship with insurers can mean that they negotiate significant savings for you when setting up your policy.

Brokers’ advice and knowledge are not available on price comparison sites. At Anderson Health, we give clients an added benefit of a free claims resolution service, where we help our clients with disputed or un-paid claims, should they arise. You will always be able to speak to the partner who handles your account within our brokerage, and we are on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Who is Anderson Health?

Anderson Health is a health insurance brokerage started in 1996 by Tim Cowan and Charles Pemberton, based in the heart of the city London at 63 St Mary Axe. Both Tim and Charles previously worked for leading healthcare organisations and have many years of expertise in the health and private medical insurance sectors. Our team advises individuals and families, ex-pats, SME’s, large corporates and foreign governments on the health insurance market, providing clear, concise and in-depth knowledge.

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