Code Of Conduct

This is our commitment to our clients.

FCA – Advice in respect of the sale of Medical Insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We have been authorised by the FCA. Our FCA registration number is 305335 and our details can be checked on or by calling 0800 111 6768.

BEST ADVICE – having agreed a comprehensive client brief, we will audit current Insurance arrangements.  All subsequent advice will take into account the optimum solution to our client’s benefit.

FULLY INDEPENDENT – we are fully Independent Advisers with Agency agreements with all the main UK Insurance Companies and Provident Associations. Should we cease to be able to represent any Provider, this will be fully disclosed.

DISCLOSURE – we can work with our clients either on a commission or a fee basis.  Where we earn commission from a Provider this will be fully disclosed.  If working on a fee basis we will quantify the costs in advance.

PROFIT SHARE/OVER-RIDES – Best Advice can only occur when an Adviser has no extra financial incentive to place business with any particular Provider. ANDERSON HEALTH has agency agreements with all the main health care Providers and does not participate in any profit share or commission over-ride arrangements.

ADMINISTRATION – We provide fully independent advice in respect of all health insurance contracts. We do not provide our own group secretary or claims administration services which would compromise our independence to give truly impartial advice.

CLIENT MONIES – under no circumstances will we handle client monies: all premium cheques or direct debit mandates will be payable directly to the Provider concerned.  By not handling client monies, issues of security and Bank Interest do not arise.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY – we hold full Professional Indemnity cover for advising on Medical Insurance Contracts.

AMII – We are members of the Association of Medical Insurance Intermediaries and our details can be found at